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The Politics and Socio-Economics Of Uganda 1600 To 1957

This course covers three periods in the historical developments in Uganda from the earliest period through colonial rule to post-independence period.    

Criminal Behavior and Social Control

This course examines crime, criminal behavior, and crime control from a sociological perspective. We will study the dominant sociological theories of criminal offending and learn how social forces and situations play a key role in crime and reactions to crime. We will closely examine violent crime and prevention efforts to reduce it. An important component of the course is to understand the way in which sociological theory and research can (and does) play a role in criminal justice and the prevention of criminal victimization.

Introduction to Psychology

The course aims at providing a foundation in the understanding of human behavior and basic theories in Psychology that explain human behavior. It exposes students to a variety of topics introducing them to various concepts and principles of psychology  


The course is meant to provide students with knowledge on social aspects of society. Since engineers solve problems faced by the society, it is important for them to understand the characteristics and behaviour of the community.   

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