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Lab 2B

Computer Graphics

Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to: (i) Demonstrate knowledge of a general purpose graphics system and its use; (ii) Show that consistent design of user interfaces based on existing standards are important; and (iii) Appreciate the domain of computer graphics and graphical user interfaces in general.   


Aim: To develop students’ understanding of theory and practices of publishing management and book trade    

Pattern Recognition

  • The course gives students in depth understanding of the techniques and algorithm of detecting patterns and apply them in real life problems like traffic control, epidemiology and data mining.


Design and Analysis of Algorithms

The course gives students skills in development and analysis of com- puter algorithms. The course covers the generic approach to algorithm design, generic analysis of algorithms, studying of generalized compu- tational problems as well as applying then to specific real life problems.    

Wireless Security Fundamentals

The adaption of Mobile and Wireless communications technologies, in military,  commercial and personal use has grown exponentially. But the mobile and wireless nature of these devices raise new and important security challenges not usually present in highly structured and static environments. Thus, the purpose of this course is to give students a full understanding of what mobile and wireless communication technologies are, how they work, how people find them and exploit them, and how they can be secured.  This course is based on real world examples, solutions, and deployments.

Web Design and Usability

 This course provides students with non-IT educational background with necessary knowledge of core principles and technologies of Web design. Topics covered in this course include fundamental principles of Web design such as information architecture, page layout, color principles, style consistency, and use of multimedia. Overview of Web technologies is dealt with markup languages (HTML, XHTML, and XML), Style Sheet Languages (CSS, XSL), client-side scripting (JavaScript, VB Script), service-side scripting (PHP, ASP) and multimedia technologies (Flash).

Strategic Planning and Management

This course addresses the ways in which the managers use modern business information systems and networks to enhance the management process and promote business outcomes.

Seminar Series

The  course helps students to strengthen  their  ability  to do guided  research,  make  a report  on technical issues and present these issues in a scientific set up.  While lecturers will give the students guidelines on the topics to research  on, they will not formally teach them in class.

Mobile Applications Programming


  • The  objective  of the course is to give students a practical  introduction  to mobile applications software programming and development tools. 
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