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Formal Methods

  • Demonstrate factual knowledge including the mathematical notation and terminology used in the course;
  • Be able describe the fundamental principles including the laws and theorems arising from the concepts covered in this course;
  • Be able to apply course material along with techniques and procedures covered in this course to solve practical problems; and
  • Demonstrate programming skills by writing numerical programs, such as Mat lab programs, to solve the above problems.

Artificial Intelligence

This course examines the concepts, techniques, applications, and theo- ries of Artificial  Intelligence. The focus of the course is on the theory and application of artificial intelligence. Topics include logic, search, and reasoning with an emphasis on fundamentals and recent advances in AI. Given the broad range of topics addressed by the AI field, topics for discussion must, necessarily, be limited.

Formal Methods

(a) DescriptionThe course provides students with skills of solving generic formal prob- lems in science.

Integrative Programming and Technologies

The course content is based on open source software such as PHP or closed source software such Active Server Pages (ASP). The software to use will depend on the  lecturer  giving  the  course.  Active  Server  Pages  (ASP)  as  a  server  side  scripting architecture for building dynamic web applications, and an ideal environment for building web- based commerce solutions.Aims:

Electronic Media Systems and Multimedia

Course  Description:  This  course  provides  a  comprehensive  overview  of  the  various  platforms, applications, media and technology used to develop digital media products and communications.

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