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 The course addresses principles and practices of management and their application in Records and archives Institutions. It also addresses gender mainstreaming in work environment.    


Aim: To develop students’ understanding of theory and practices of publishing management and book trade    

Selected Topics in Computer Science

Thecourseistogiveanavenueforvisitingorlocalstafftodesign contentforanareathatthey areresearchinginbutnotcoveredinthe curriculum. Thiscouldbeanupcomingfieldyettobeincorporated inthecurriculumorsomeoutstandingstateofpracticeinacertain computer sciencearea.Theaimofthecourseistoprovideanavenueforexposingstudentsto newinterestingareasofcomputer sciencewhicharenot(yet)incorpo- ratedintothecurriculum.

Compiler Design

In this courseunit, students shall understand the complete process of translating a program in a  high-level   language to machine language. The course gives an introduction to the design and implementation of a compiler with emphasis on principles and techniques for program anal- ysis and translation.I t also gives an overview of the tools for compiler construction. Lexic alanalysis,token selection,transitiondiagrams, and finite automata.

Computer Security

Computer security is a branch of technology concerned with digital security or information security applied to computers.

Principles of Programming Languages

The course introduces  students to the low level organization and op- eration of programming languages. It covers semantic  and syntactic as well as operational  issues in programming  languages. The building blocks of programming  languages are explored.The aims of the course are

Computer Graphics

The course covers general purpose graphics  systems and their use. It gives an in depth knowledge of computer graphics and graphical user interfaces.The aims of the course are:

  • Introduce students to the concepts of graphical representation on computers
  •  Teach students the design of good graphical user interfaces


Systems Programming

Systems programming is aimed at teaching students how to write pro- grams using system level services.  The system of instruction is UNIX due to availability of free system tools that have been largely developed by and for the academia.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Aims:

Rings and Modules

This course is a rejoinder to the course MTH 2201 Abstract Algebra, and in a way related to course MTH 3214 Number Theory in some areas. The latter course deals with properties of integers without use of techniques from other mathematical fields (Elementary Number Theory). This course centres on algebraic number theory in which numbers are roots of polynomials with rational coefficients.

User Interface Design


  • The course introduces the principles of user interface development, focusing on design, implementation and evaluation.

Aims: The course aims at providing the skills listed below to students:


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