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Information Technology and Society

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:(i) Understand the impact of computerization on society;(ii) Appreciate the variety of computerized systems in our everyday life.     

Software Design Patterns

Design patterns are standard solutions to common software design problems. Instead of focusing on how individual components work, design patterns are a systematic approach that focus and describe abstract systems of interaction between classes, objects, and communication flow. This course explores advanced principles of object-oriented design by studying key software design patterns. The patterns are drawn from a variety of sources and illustrated through examples and case studies .Examples are presented in either Java, C++ or C sharp.

Ethics for Professional Engineers

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will: (i) Apply the ethical concepts relevant to resolving moral issues in business, industry, and other relevant areas of concern; and (ii) Articulate and defend with good reasons his/he row ethical point of view pertaining to specific problem areas in business, industry, and related areas.

Software Reliability and Testing

upon successful completion students will: (i) Have gained work experience that allows them to sample professional environments in which they might seek careers; and (ii) Have experience that will help prepare them for careers and research.

Software Engineering project I

successful completion of this course the student will have ability to: (i) Demonstrate independent skills in collecting requirements, documenting user requirements and technical requirements for non-travails of software engineering/research projects by pursuing a lengthy Software engineering project; and (ii) Demonstrate skills of specifying, designing and implementing a project,with assistance of one of the Professors/Lecturers as adviser/supervisor. 

Object Oriented Programming

In this course, students will learn: (i) Object oriented design and software development by performing and discussing OO design for re-use of general purpose applications and small Java applets; (ii) Demonstrate correct use of the basic Java features in a working program: objects, classes, methods,   handling, decisions  and iterations; (iii) Demonstrate correct use of the following advanced Java features in a working program:  in heritance, encapsulation, over loading, polymorphism, abstract classes and interfaces; and (iv) Demonstrate knowledge of GUI-based event-driven programming in a w

Software Architecture

At the end of the course ,students will: (i)Be familiar with the latest state of the art soft ware architecture; (ii) Appreciate software system design; and (iii) Understand how system’s components are meant to interact with each other.

Real-Time and Embedded Systems

At the end of the course students should be able to: (i) Demonstrate knowledge of rate monotonic theory and how to apply it to real-time applications; (ii) Understand the process and fundamentals of integrating micro processor-based embedded system elements to realize systems that not only meet functional requirements, but timing and performance requirements as well; and (iii) Use practical skills to design and integrate a real-time operation system with a micro processor to host real-time service data processing.

Mobile Networks and Computing

At the end of the course, students will be able to: (i) Understand the basic principle, architecture and challenges of wireless networks and mobile computing systems; and (ii) Demonstrate knowledge of software development related to mobile computing systems  

Software Evolution

In this course, students will learn: (i) How selected software systems can be analyzed to understand properties of their evolution; and (ii) interpret their implication.


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