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This course introduces learners to the techniques of publication design, production, binding and finishing.Aim: To enable students acquire skills in publication design, production, binding and finishing   


This is a continuation from BLS 2103 (Cataloguing I). It thus enables learners to perfect their skills of library cataloguing and how they are applied while cataloguing information materials.AimTo enable learners perfect their knowledge and skills in cataloguing of library and information materials   

Software Security

The course addresses the common security problems in softwares  as well as  their  underlying causes. It then addresses  the techniques, guidelines, principles and tools that prevent or detect them.   

Information Technology II

Course description: A necessary pre-requisite for this course is Information Technology I.This course continues an overview of the discipline of IT, describes how it relates to other computing disciplines, and finally instills an IT mindset.

Software Engineering

Description                                                                                                                                                                                     This course introduces students to the foundations of software engineering as a discipline.

Enterprise Network Management

 The course is to equip students with knowledge of managing enterprise computer/data networks.


 By completion of this course, the student should have an understanding of: The difference between e-governance and e-government; E-governance strategy and Public Policy issues for e- governance implementation; Infrastructure and applications required for e-governance.                                                                                                                                                                                              Indicative Content: The course will cover: the definitions of e-governance and e-government; e- governan

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