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Elements of Structural Analysis (4,0,4)

Introduction to the concept of structure in buildings and design structural forms.Fundamental influence concept of forces and loads, structural forms and their identification.  Statics; force system, resultants of equilibrium.  Axial forces; tension and compression.Stress and strain.Shear stress.Analysis of simple trusses.Bending in structures; simple shear force and moment diagrams.  Bending stresses, pin jointed structures, deflection in beams.   

Elements of Architectural Design Fundamentals

The objective of this course unit is to introduce students to architectural design fundamentals such as graphics, fine art, and basic design. Considering that students when they graduate will work closely with architects in the field, they will have to understand principles of cognition, basic visual perception etc based on the interdependence of functional requirements and techniques.  Evaluation of the thoughts an architect goes through to deliver a particular outcome will be studied.     


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