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Statistical Analysis in Hydrology

The course provides fundamental knowledge and practical understanding for the common statistical techniques of data processing in hydrology and water engineering.  This knowledge and understanding must allow the students to select and apply most appropriate techniques to summarize and organize data.

Advanced Surface Hydrology

The net rainfall over a river basin will produce the storm runoff hydrograph. As the storm runoff is generated from different locations within the basin, a time distribution of the storm runoff with time will be observed. To calculate the storm hydrograph in a location along the river, it is necessary to account for the transport of the water from within the river basin towards this location.

Water Resources Management

This course is intended to introduce students to the planning and management of water resources projects with case studies and the policy and institutional framework of the water sector in Uganda and other countries.

Wastewater treatment and reuse

This course provides the need for wastewater treatment, importance of understanding the different wastewater sources and characteristics as a means of identifying wastewater treatment processes and design of wastewater treatment plants. It introduces preliminary treatment unit processes, biological treatment systems, nutrient removal systems, wastewater treatment ponds, sludge characteristics, handling and treatment.

Advanced Water Treatment

This course provides the need for water treatment, the importance of providing safe water for the public and the theory and operation of conventional and advanced water treatment processes. It introduces advanced information on the theory and operation of conventional water treatment plant processes.

Process Improvement and Maintenance Engineering

The aim of the course is to present a comprehensive overview of methodologies and analyses in the fields of process improvement and reliability / maintenance engineering. Objectives

Advanced Research Methods in Science and Technology

<p>The course is intended to provide graduate students with a thorough knowledge and practice in conducting research and development projects and to serve as preparation for carrying out studies in projects and theses.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Technology Innovation and R&D Principles

Technology innovation and R&D principles is to effectively manage the research, invention, design, development, production, transfer and use of technology within an organization. This subject brings together knowledge from engineering and research disciplinesObjectives;The goal of Technology Innovation and R&D principles is to be able apply manufacturing technology to organizations, manage research, invent, develop, produce and sell products in an organisation.  

Advanced Design Studio In Urban Design

This is a studio course with projects that involve equipping students with high level skills of urban design of a complex nature.

Advanced Design Studio II

This is a project assignment through which the student is expected to show high level skills and detailed knowledge of handling specialized architectural projects


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