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Philosophy for Architects

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with existence,knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. The course provides the student with the architecturalphilosophies used in architecture as a way of grounding ones knowledge and practice.Objectives/aim:o To develop an analytical and critical philosophical approach to problem solvingo To appreciate the importance of philosophy in architecture   

Research Methods for Architects

The course is about scientific ways of getting information. An architect should be able to carry outscientific research to acquire facts onto which to base action and decision. This course provides the studentwith research skills needed to conduct scientific research and report writing.Objectives/aim:• Differentiate the five basic research methods.• Identify the strengths of each method.• Identify the limitations of each method   

Building Design Economics

The course examines the links between design and the costs of building as well as more general economicissues and their significance for designers and builders. It introduces the student to the practical imperativesof the building design economics.

Interior and Furniture Design

Interior and furniture design are additional areas that a modern architect has to deal with. This courseintroduces the student to the arrangement of the interior and its furniture to provide the holistic designservices of an architect.Objectives/aim:• To develop an understanding of the interior architecture requirements• To acquire skills in arrangement of interior spaces66• To be able to make material choice and control costs of interior elements   

Architectural Design Portfolio VIII

This course introduces the student to the design of mixed urban developments, including urbaninfrastructure services and land-use patterns, as means of fitting buildings within the urban context.Objectives/aim:To acquire skills in planning, detailing and designing in a complex urban context.   

Business Law for Architects

Any professional activity is subject to professional and legal guidance and control. The student ofarchitecture is made aware of the legal and other professional requirements of the architectural practice.The course introduces them to the legal aspects, planning and building bye-laws and code of professionalpractice and responsibilities.Objectives/aim:• To gain an understanding of the legal context of professional practice in Uganda• To appreciate professional responsibilities   

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