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The Art Of Communication

This course is designed  to introduce the students to communication theories and practices. Furthermore, student will be introduced to practical communication skills. The course will be conducted through lectures, seminars and tutorial discussions. Each student registered for the course will be required to submit at least two written assignments, which will constitute the mark for progressive assessment. At the end of the course, students will take a three-hour written examination.  

Children's Literature

The course introduces student to the study of children's literature.  It provides an overview of the elements and scope of children's literature.  The course explores the issues and forms in the literature for children, focusing on sample texts for children.   

The Elements and Scope of Poetry

This is a study of the theory and craft of poetry in English, built around the essential qualities of poetry’s economy, picture language and rhythmic nature. Suitable examples are taken from various traditions of the English – speaking world.  

Introduction To Creative Writing

This course introduces the theoretical and practical essentials of effective and productive, imaginative self-expression in writing.While appreciating the commonsense position that writing is "learnt" only through writing, the course attempts to guide, motivate and encourage aspiring writers in the designing and production of quality writing  

Introduction to an African Language (Luganda, Kiswahili, Runyakitara Lwo)

It introduces an African language covering basic orthography, pronunciation writing and reading skills, language laboratory drills are also included.  

Introduction to the Study of Language

The course investigates meaning, functions and classification of language, and the theories of language origin.  

A Comparative Study of Luganda and Other Bantu Languages

Luganda is compared with selected Bantu languages, non-Bantu languages and  languages of developed countries.


An Introduction to the Phonology of Luganda

The students are introduced to the segmental phonology of Luganda where they        look at phonetics, sounds and transcription.  

Rural Development Programs in East Africa

  • Theories Of Rural Development And Projects
  • The Past, Present, Future Policies On Rural Development Programs
  • Specific Case Studies of Past And Present Rural Development Programs -The Gezira Irrigation Scheme In Sudan, Tractor Hire Scheme In Uganda, Groundnut Scheme In Tanzania, Ujaama Scheme In Tanzania  


Research Methods

This course is intended to acquaint students with the scientific method as it applies to human and social research. Students will learn how to do research not only by studying the theory but, most important, also by writing a proposal on a selected topic, carrying out the proposed research, and finally writing and presenting the final product as a dissertation.   


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