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Law Of Contracts II

The course deals with matters related to private agreements including principles and procedures governing such agreements as well as remedies available to the parties in the event of a breach. The course should enable students understand the general principles relating to contractual liability, performance of contracts and effects of breach of contracts.

Principles Of Constituional Law I

The course covers constitutional history of Uganda from the pre-colonial state to the promulgation of the 1995 Constitution.ObjectivesThe study of Constitutional History is designed to introduce the student to the evolution and influence of past historical forms and structures upon contemporary Ugandan reality.  The approach adopted is a multi-disciplinary one and illuminates the political, socio-economic and cultural dimensions of the evolution of Constitutional Law and Politics since the founding of Uganda.

Fundamentals Of Criminal Law

This course is designed to enable students to understand criminal justice system. The course covers the introductory legal principles and theories underlying crime, criminal responsibility, offences and defences.

Development Studies

This course creates the foundation for understanding development issues. It introduces and defines theories and concepts of development; development approaches, with special emphasis on the political economy with an inter-disciplinary approach. It focuses on how different variables in the economic, political, social, cultural, environment and historical dimensions interact to shape development processes.

Introducing Law

  • This is an introductory course to the study of law at the University.  It is intended to assist a new student to know the nature of law, law applicable, sources of legal materials and the legal system.
  • It is also intended to assist a new student to the study of law, get an idea on how and what to read within the discipline, get an understanding of what the law is, the phrases and terms used within the law, the different classifications/divisions of the law, the laws that apply within Uganda’s legal system, the courts in Uganda, their hierarchy and respective powers.
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