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Dynamics of African Livelihoods

This course focuses on discussing African livelihoods in pre-colonial and post-colonial Era and the interdependence between these livelihoods. Major issues covered include different modes of subsistence or human adaptation and how these links to social organization in selected societies will be analyzed. Other areas of focus are foreign intrusion of Africa and effect on people’s livelihoods and the evolutionary model of livelihoods and its critique.   


There is nothing natural about the organization and the way English language is used in writing a scientific report. It is as it is because that is the way it has developed through centuries of use by practitioners. For that reason it has to be learned. This course is an initial research preparation stage. Students will be required to hand in a fundable supervised research proposal at the end of the semester

Communication Skills

Course Description: This course provides students with skills of effective communication. These include verbal, written, and gesture. The course aims at facilitating students appropriately and clearly communicate with others.

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