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Water Quality Management

This course is intended to make students appreciate the importance of water quality

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

The course gives the background for simple analytical derivation and numerical calculations for stochastic processes in discrete and continuous time as well as the application of Finite Element Methods to the solution of partial Differential Equations arising from Structural Engineering, Heat Conductions, Geomatic Engineering and Electrical Transmission Lines and using appropriate software tools e.g. MATLAB.Objectives:

Air and Noise Pollution

With increasing noise and air pollution nationally and globally, it is necessary to be familiar with basic information regarding air and noise pollution to allow proper assessment of impacts arising from the various projects or activities and devising appropriate mitigation or control measures. In this respect, the Air and Noise Pollution course is subdivided into three sections: the general introductory, air pollution and noise pollution sections.

Advanced Construction Technology

Construction involves different types and levels of technology that enable building structures of different magnitudes to be constructed.

Cost Engineering

Consideration of clients/developer motivation and needs.  The theory of construction cost planning and cost control.  Design economics, elemental costs analysis of buildings; cost studies/cost comparisons.  Consideration of cost and price indices.  Techniques for cost planning and cost control, environment.  Consideration of current research being conducted on the practice of cost planning and cost control in South Africa.   

Construction Materials

An introduction to the properties of materials; plasticity, elasticity, density, porosity, hardness.Optical, electrical, thermal and acoustic properties.Deterioration.Properties and manufacture of building materials; wood, wood products, bricks, fibre cement, ceramics, plastics, sealants and mastics, stones.  Concrete technology:  cement, aggregates, water and admixtures; properties of fresh concrete; strength considerations; durability, shrinkage and creep; special concretes; non-destructive testing; mix design.  Metals in buildings:  structural ferrous alloys; corrosion and protection; we

Financial Accounting

Accounting frame work; processing accounting data; reporting financial information; large volumes of transactions; reconciliation; inventory; control accounts.   

Business Law for Construction

Business law has two offering, each of which have a distinctive course code.  Although the content of all the offerings is the same, different projects, tests and examinations will be set for each offering.  Students registering for business law I will be allocated to one offering registration.  These are CML12F (5th period) and CML15 (7th period).  4.5 credits, 5 lectures per week.    

Sociology for Technology

Elements of social anthropology, principles of sociological investigation, and the relationship with built environment.  Social structures: individual, family and community; family kinship and neighborhood structure, status and class; Manifest and latent institutions and groups; social norms, conflict and control; Dynamics of social change with specific reference to East Africa/Uganda.  Reflections of these issues in dwelling, community and development; Introduction to urban sociology in developing countries like Uganda; Industrialization and its impact on society; Assessment of impacts of

Real Estate Valuation I

An introduction to the property market, the different types of property, its function and use, the organizations and individuals who acquire and trade property, and the dealing methods employed. The basic characteristics of real estates, and principal factors affecting value are considered. The concept of valuing a legal interest in land. Examines the appropriate valuation techniques employed in assessing the open market value of different types of property, why valuation are required and the concept of intrinsic worth.    


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