Bachelor of Arts (Ethics & Human Rights)

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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Undergraduate Level
Duration of Program : 3 Years

About this Program

The public yearning for professional and leadership codes of conduct, for public accountability in all spheres of life, combined with the demand for respect of human rights in all spheres of life, all invariably point to the importance of the issue of ethics and human rights in the management of pubic affairs. It is in such social setting that, we in the academia have to come in to fill this gap by bringing ethics and human rights to bear on such a broad discipline like public management with the hope that ethical and human rights consciousness will eventually seep down to the various distinct disciplines and professions of our society.

1. To equip the students with theoretical foundations of human rights and basic principles of ethics.
2. To enable students develop a broader understanding of public policy, methods and models for policy analysis of human rights organizations, the place of government and NGOs in dealing with human rights and ethics and integrity in public administration. samba porno porno gratis x