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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Undergraduate Level
Duration of Program : 4 Years

About this Program

The Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering  Degree Programme is offered to give an opportunity  to prospective  students  to undertake  training  in Software  engineering  at a bachelor’s degree level within Uganda.  With the growth of the ICT sector in Uganda,  there is need to produce graduates who are job creators using the skills obtained in software Engineering  .The objectives of the B.Sc.  in Software Engineering  programme  are:  -

  1. To produce graduates who are well-educated in the fundamental concepts of software engineer- ing and able to continue their professional development throughout their careers.  The course combines theory with consideration of its application in software engineering practice.
  2. To build human  resource capacity in the Software engineering discipline in both the public and private sectors to students who wish to become proficient in developing  software in a variety of languages,  platforms and applications using a methodical approach.
  3. To produce  graduates  with  good communication  skills capable  of functioning  responsibly  in diverse environments and able to work in teams.
  4. To produce  graduates who are innovative and are capable  of creating jobs; samba porno porno gratis x