Master of Education in Social Sciences and Arts Education

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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 2 Years

About this Program

The Department of Social Sciences and Arts Education at the School of Education is mandated to train teachers who qualified in teaching Arts and Social Sciences subjects taught at Post Primary Institutions in Uganda. The Department holds capacity for other institutions in advanced training Social Sciences and Arts Education and builds competences in research and academic advancement to be able to deal with the contemporary issues in the education sector.
The M.Ed in Social Sciences and Arts Education by course work and dissertation plan is full time program. The course work component will last two semesters research proposal should be made and approved by the end of recess term and awarded 2 credits units. The dissertation component will last a minimum period of three months and a maximum period of six months. Dissertation shall be presented by the end of the third semester the examination and viva voice shall be completed by the end of the forth semester.
The overall objectives of the M.Ed. Programmes is to prepare teachers/educators with adequate knowledge, skills and command of issues necessary for designing, implementing, teaching, supervising and evaluating curricula and Programmes. Specifically the programme aims at enriching graduates in the following.

Lecturers of content and methods in tertiary institutions including Universities and teacher education institutions.
Handling Department and school head teachers to be able to handle Socio Sciences and Arts subjects adequately
To equip Inspectors or subject related administrators or supervisors in the ministry responsible for education, in the districts and with NGO’s providing education services.
Subject specialists in the National Curriculum Development Centre and institutions with similar functions.
Subject specialists with the Uganda National Examination Board or other examination boards with similar functions.


Policy specialists in relevant government departments who will deliberate on Social Sciences and Arts Education Subjects in national, school and other public functions;
Curriculum specialists responsible for curriculum development and reform;
Materials developers who are equipped with a capacity for internalizing the theories of Social Sciences and Arts Subjects in learning and use, determining the teaching and learning needs of various clientele, prioritizing teaching and learning content and designing modifying materials for use in specified subjects to suit the changing society
educational researchers who are capable of interpreting situations and developments for the benefit of Arts Subjects;
Teacher educators at colleges and universities, capable of equipping teacher trainees not only with knowledge about Social Sciences and Arts Education but also with the confidence to make decisions suitable to learning contexts.
Advanced school teachers who are capable of enriching and aiding other teachers to know about the subjects but also to use them in real situations. samba porno porno gratis x