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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 3 Years

About this Program

The three-year training programme for the M. Med Degree in Surgery is aimed at providing a thorough grounding in Clinical Surgery to produce future medical teachers, researchers and consultants in Uganda in particular and the region as a whole. As with similar higher surgical qualifications elsewhere, the degree should be taken as an index of suitability for continuing training, rather than conferring the right of implying adequacy for immediate promotion to consultant status.
The programme is designed to pass out those surgeons in training who have a broad knowledge of surgical problems in general and who are capable of recognizing and dealing safely and efficiently with the whole range of surgical conditions, which may be handled by the Trainee Surgeons. The Trainee should have the basic surgical skills, which are essential in confidently handling emergency surgical admissions independently, and deal with life threatening situations from traumatic and other critical diseases. The Trainee Surgeon should be able to accurately diagnose and plan management of a wide variety of surgical diseases even in situations where investigative and/or therapeutic facilities are limited.

Specific Objectives;
To provide Surgeons who are well grounded in the Science and Art of Surgery who will in turn provide:
• Quality care for patients under their care.
• Quality research on prevention and management of surgical diseases.
• Quality teaching of Surgery to fellow Surgeons, other health workers, and medical students in particular and the public in general. samba porno porno gratis x