The 19th Century History Of West Africa

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Lower Block 1

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HIS 3106
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Semester 1
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Year 3
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Undergraduate Level
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  1. West Africa states at the beginning of the 19th Century
  2. Agricultural system
  3. The Impact of Trans-Atlantic slave trade on the economies of West African states
  4. The impact of Trans-Atlantic slave trade on West African societies
  5. Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the spread of internal slavery
  6. The abolition of Trans-Atlantic slave Trade and its Aftermath
  7. Islamic Revolutions and the spread of Islam
  8. Islamic and traditional education systems
  9. The mechanism of the Sokoto Caliphate
  10. The Rise and Fall of West African Empires
  11. The Era of Legitimate Trade
  12. The state of the Economies of West African States during 1880-1900
  13. The Theory of Imperialism
  14. The Era of Treaty making
  15. Missionary Enterprises
  16. European conquest of West Africa and African Response
  17. An over view of West African Political systems at the end of the 19th Century


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