Construction Technology III

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Lecture Room 4033

College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology

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9 AM
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10 AM
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3 PM
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4 PM
Course Code: 
QUS 3101
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 1
Year of Study: 
Year 3
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Undergraduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

Functional requirements and building techniques of tall buildings:  foundation systems; structural systems including structural steel construction and reinforced concrete construction; enclosure systems including metal and glass cladding; ceiling and partition systems; various methods and materials commonly used to solve functional demands; comparison of systems of construction and their interrelationship; material handling and management including selection of cranes, hoists, and concrete pumps; principles of fire protection in tall building; on site observation and report on tall building construction.  Specialized construction techniques employed on major projects including the selection of plant, equipment and various construction systems: excavation; shoring; ground anchorage; underpinning; piling; formwork; carnage; material handling.  Pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete construction.  Construction methods with minimal impact on the environment; Building Code of Uganda and code requirements; integration and coordination of services; demolition; site establishment; advanced construction techniques; basic geological considerations for building foundations; on-site studies and report.  

Construction Technology III
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