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Semester 1
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Year 1
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Undergraduate Level
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Electronics  is  foundational  material  for  computer  engineering.  The  computer  is an electronic   device   whose   development   is  highly  dependent   on  advances   in  the electronics  industry.  For  this  reason,  it  is  mandatory  for  a  student  to  have  basic knowledge of the design of the electronic circuits used to implement computers

Learning Outcomes: 

Indicate the properties of materials that lead to be useful for the construction of electronic circuits, giving reasons; and explain the uses of one particular material (as opposed to alternatives) to serve a stated purpose. ·        Explain the properties of diodes; and outline the use of diodes in the construction of a range of circuits including rectifiers, ac/dc converters, and common logic functions. ·        Indicate the areas of use of NMOS, PMOS, CMOS, and dynamic logic families; and demonstrate the ability to implement a range of logic functions using each of NMOS, PMOS, CMOS, and dynamic logic. ·        Explain the differences between the different MOS logic families; and articulate the advantages of dynamic logic.

Electronics I
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