Entrepreneurship and Business

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Course Code: 
BIT 3102
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 1
Year of Study: 
Year 3
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Undergraduate Level
Course Description & Objectives: 

Course  Description:  This  course  offers  an  overview  of  the  entrepreneurial  process.Students will develop a business plan using their own business idea. They will learn skills and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, techniques for evaluating business opportunities, planning tools, selling and marketing basics, financial analysis, record keeping, laws and regulations of Uganda, and step by step procedures for starting a small business. Aims: A student that undertakes this course should be able to: •     Identify the talents and skills required to become a successful entrepreneur.•     Describe the various types of business opportunities and successful entry strategies.•     Specify the various steps employed in starting a business in Uganda.•     Identify sources of information and assistance available to those who desire to start their own business.•     Analyze and research how a selected business markets and sells its products. Be able to prepare a report summarizing the findings of this analysis and research.•     Provide a general company description for the student’s start-up business.•     Identify products and services which will be offered in the start-up business.•     Outline the components of a business plan including marketing, operations, finances, and management and organization•     Be able to use the business plan as an integral tool in small business management. 

Learning Outcomes: 

On completion of this course unit, the students will be able to:•     Describe the Ugandan business environment with respect to owning and operating a smallbusiness;•     Compare  advantages  and  disadvantages  of  different  types  of  business  start-up  and purchase opportunities;•     Conduct research and field work to determine viability of a business idea;•     Perform a competitive analysis within a selected industry;•     Develop and present a detailed business plan including market and legal analysis financial requirements, facilities and management plans and promotional strategies and;•     Determine social and ethical responsibility.

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