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BIO 1102
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Semester 1
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Year 1
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Undergraduate Level
Course Description & Objectives: 

This course is designed to introduce students to the Genetics and its use in understanding diversity of living organisms. The course covers the structure of nucleic acids, protein synthesis, the gene code and inheritance. It also introduces the students to the practical applications of genetics in the various branches of biology. The course is also designed to acquaint biology student teachers with the knowledge of origin of life, existence of variety of living things, forms of organic evolution, speciation, mechanisms and  evidences of evolution, Linkage of the evolution course knowledge to other biology course units and sustainable existence of biodiversity and poverty reduction programs in Uganda.  COURSE OBJECTIVESBy the end of this course learners are expected to be able to:1.         Outline the genes and chromosome morphology.2.         Describe nucleic acids structure, protein synthesis, gene expression, autosomal inheritance and epistasis.3.         Explain linkages, gene cloning, population genetics and ecological genetics.4.         Outline the significance of nucleic acids, autosomal inheritance, epistasis, linkage, gene cloning, population genetics and ecological genetics.5.         Examine DNA replication, mutations and non Mendelian inheritance of genes associated with sex.6.         Explain application of genetics in modern science.7.         Discuss the dynamics of molecular and population genetics.8.         Give an overview on origin and continued change of living things.9.         Trace the origin of living things from the beginning of the earth to the present.10.       Explain why organisms occupy different habitats.11.       Understand why there are different forms of variations among organisms.12.       Justify the existence of successions in managing biological environment.

genetics and evolution
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