Modeling and Simulation

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Course Code: 
MIS 7102
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 1
Year of Study: 
Year 1
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Graduate Level
Course Description & Objectives: 

This course will introduce systems thinking, modeling, and computer simulation as a tool for the analysis, planning and management of industrial production processes and for corporate policy analysis and strategic planning. The student will obtain the knowledge and skills to conduct small simulation projects, consisting of input data analysis, model building, verification and validation, and finally interpretation of output data. Development of computer models to solve complex business problems in MIS,   operations.   Introduction   to   computer   modeling   techniques,   discrete-event simulation and System Dynamics Modeling. Model development and testing.

Learning Outcomes: 

On completing this course, students should be able to:(i)   Demonstrate an understanding of system modeling through the competent use ofComputer Simulation methods and Mathematical Modeling techniques.(ii)  Determine the type of systems whose behaviour can be investigated using DiscreteEvent Simulation and Modeling.

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