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ARTS 9102
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Semester 1
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Year 1
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Graduate Level
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As a candidate leaves formal education, method is the last educational act meant to accompany him/her in life, not just as a skill, but above all as an attitude.  Humanity is never satisfied; we are ever searching for a better life, exploring  new areas, ever interested in what is (or may be) beyond our reach.The final act of formal education (Ph.D research thesis) sensitizes a candidate to the fundamental vocation of method which provides one with a sense of purpose and direction.  We may recall the etymological Greek roots of the word "method", which were meta (to be, to follow) and odos (the way, the path, the road). Method therefore etymologically meant to follow the way, path or road.

Learning Outcomes: 

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students conversant with the vocation of method wand having a sense of purpose and direction in the conduct of research
  2. Better appreciation of the underpinnings of ethical conflicts
  3. Better understanding of the hypothetico-deductive-inductive process
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