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Lecture Room 142B

College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology

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10 AM
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9 AM
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Semester 1
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Year 2
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Undergraduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

Software engineering is the discipline concerned with the application of theory, knowledge,  and  practice  to  build  effectively  and  efficiently  software  systems  that satisfy the requirements of users and customers. Software engineering is applicable to small, medium, and large-scale systems. It encompasses all phases of the life cycle of a software system. The life cycle includes requirement analysis and specification, design, construction, testing, and operation and maintenance   

Learning Outcomes: 

Select, with justification, the software development models most appropriate for the development and maintenance of diverse software products; and explain the role of process maturity models.·      Apply key elements and common methods for elicitation and analysis to produce a  set  of  software  requirements  for  a  medium-sized  software  system;  use  a common, non-formal method to model and specify (in the form of a requirements specification  document)  the  requirements  for  a  medium-size  software  system (e.g.,  structured  analysis  or  object-oriented-analysis);  conduct  a  review  of  a software requirements document using best practices to determine the quality of the document; and translate into natural language a software requirements specification written in a commonly used formal specification language.·           Evaluate the quality of multiple software designs based on key design principles and concepts; using a software requirement specification and a common program design methodology and notation, create and specify the software design for a medium-size software product (e.g., using structured design or object-oriented design);  and  using  appropriate  guidelines,  conduct  the  review  of  a  software design   

Software Engineering
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