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College Unit & Department: 

The Novel: Forms and Concepts

  • New Influences in fiction
  • The Prose of Thought
  • The Novel Today


Political Ideas

This course includes ideas and ideologies of various thinkers and philosophers and how   these have influenced the development of Political, Social and Economic institutions throughout the world.  

Imperialism In The Third World Since 1939

  • Definition of concepts
  • Theories of Imperialism
  • The rise of mercantilist Imperialism
  • The Industrial revolutions and Imperialism of free trade
  • Imperialism and capital export


East African Literature

The course is a study of thematic strands in East Africa Literature. It is intended to provide a platform for students to make literary appraisals of the socio-economic and cultural-ideological picture of East African Literature. The course attempts to cover the pre-colonial, colonial and the post-colonial periods of East African literary production, across the major genres. It also introduces students to the critical trends in East African Literature.  

Introduction to Literature I

This course introduces first year students to three major genres of Literature: that is Prose Fiction, Drama and Poetry.  Its main aim is to broaden the students' knowledge and to enable them identify their own areas of interest in the field of Literature.  There are three contact hours every week: two hours for lectures and one hour for tutorial/seminar discussions.  Students are required to do two coursework assignments during the semester and a written examination at the end of the course.

Professional Ethics

The course highlights and examines the characteristics of a profession; then moral criteria and the fundamental moral principles that ought to underlie all professional activities. A variety of professional ethic such as; business ethics, the ethics of journalism, legal ethics, health care ethics, and many others will be studied  


This course examines the concepts and strategies relevant to integrated marketing communication. It demonstrates how public relations, marketing, and advertising contribute to marketing efforts and sound communications decisions.  

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