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Operating Systems

 This course introduces students to software that controls hardware and makes the hardware usable. Its interaction with other computer devises and how it controls other computer processes is explored.Aims: The course aims to:

  • Provide students with a detailed understanding of how operating systems work
  • Provide  students  with  skills  to  write  basic  programs  to  utilize  underlying  operating  system infrastructures.


Web Systems and Technologies I

Course Description: The topics covered in this course are: HTML editors; website management tools such as FrontPage and/or Dream weaver; basic Internet technologies such as DNS, email services, LDAP and the HTTP protocol. The practical part of this course introduces tools and techniques  for  specifying  and  prototyping  interactive  World  Wide  Web  applications  based  on HTML. Web technologies: HTTP Protocol, Presentation abstractions, Web-markup and display languages.

Human Computer Interaction

 This course covers: Introduction to the interdisciplinary area of Human Computer Interaction (HCI); the underlying principles of psychology, computer science and ergonomics that influence theory and practice of HCI design and usage; specific topics will include: models of human information processing, organizational structures and socio-technical approaches to information system design; design principles for dialogue management; issues of systems user-ability; hypertext; natural language processing; virtual reality and multimedia applications.


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