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This is a continuation from BLS 2102 (Classification I). It thus enables learners to perfect their skills of library classification and how they are applied while classifying information materials. AimTo enable learners perfect their knowledge and skills in classification of library and information materials    

Strategic Planning and Management

This course addresses the ways in which the managers use modern business information systems and networks to enhance the management process and promote business outcomes.

Mobile Networks and Computing

 This course examines principles, design, implementation, and performance of mobile computing and wireless networking. The aim is to lay a foundation in the student's understanding and skills in mobile computing and wireless networking standards, technologies, application and services. Ideally the course is an integration of Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing. Subjects of study under Mobile Networking will include; Wireless Network technologies (including GSM/GPRS/3G & Wireless LANs), Convergence networks, NextGen, Mobile IP, wireless ATM, Wireless Ad Hoc Networks and Bluetooth.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

 This course introduces the student on how companies can build data warehouses and utilize business intelligence for decision-making hence saving money and increasing profit. Several, initiatives ranging from supply chain integration to compliance with  organizational/government-mandated  reporting  requirements  depend  on  well designed data warehouse architecture. Therefore the course introduces you to the main components of a data warehouse for business intelligence applications.

Software Engineering for Internet Applications

Course Description:  This course unit shall cover challenges  of  concurrency (say 1000 people might be using the system at the same time), unpredictable load (say 100,000 users might show up tomorrow even if only 100 are using the system today), security risks, opportunity for wide-area distributed computing, creating a reliable and state-full user experience on top of unreliable connections and stateless protocols, extreme requirements and absurd development schedules , requirements that change mid-way through a project, sometimes because of experience gained from testing

Web Systems and Technologies II

This course reviews some of the more advanced features of then Internet and electronic.  This unit provides the principles and skills of web application Development. It arms students with current web programming technology and the skills fordeveloping web oriented applications.

Business Communication and Report Writing

Information oils the wheels of an organization! Communication enables the organizational development and growth in all its aspects. Communication is becoming a critical factor to organizational growth and development. It is also a fact that governments and organizations that effectively communicate tend to succeed in achieving their intentions.This course is designed to expand your knowledge of Business communication and to hone your communication skills.

Professional Law and Ethics

 A necessary pre-requisite for this course is Information Technology I. This course gives in-depth knowledge of computing law and ethics topics introduced earlier in pervasive themes of Information Technology. It is intended for IT undergraduate students who generally have little (or none) work experience in the IT industry. First, the course considers the international and national legal frameworks related to IT. A variety of computer crimes as far as responsibility for committing such crimes are discussed.

System Administration

This course addresses both the technology of computer systems and the users of the technology on an equal basis.

Marketing in the IT Sector

  A marketing orientation drives strategic decision-making in most companies today. The business press is constantly discussing the efforts of companies to get close to their customers or to meet their needs better than the competition. Indeed, it is impossible to understand the current and potential financial success of companies today without a thorough understanding of their target markets, customer relationships, product development skills, and competitive advantages and disadvantages. Marketing is all about creating  and  capturing  value.


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