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Numerical Analysis I

Numerical Analysis plays an indispensable role in solving real life mathematical, physical and engineering problems. Numerical computations have been in use for centuries even before digital computers appeared on the scene. Great Mathematicians like Gauss, Newton, Lagrange, Fourier and many others developed numerical techniques. Numerical analysis is an approach to solving complex mathematical problems using simple approximating operations and carrying out an analysis on the resulting errors.

Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: (i) Understand the entire software engineering project process, which consists of object-oriented analysis, design, programming and testing; (ii) Understand basic object-oriented programming concepts; (iii) Effectively use the main features of the object-oriented programming language Java; (iv) Gain experience in implementing object-oriented programs in Java; (v)  Apply an iterative, use case-driven process to the development to faro bust design model; (vi) Use UML to represent the design model; (vii) Apply the OO concepts abstraction

Cryptology and Coding Theory

This course provides a foundation for further studies in information se- curity. The course introduces students to the exciting fields of cryptology and coding theory. Fundamentally, it deals with the mathematics that underlies modern cryptology. Cryptology combines the studies of cryptography, the creating of masked messages, and cryptanalysis, the unraveling of masked messages. Coding theory is the study of coding schemes used to detect and correct errors that occur during the data transmission.The aims of the course are:

Individual Project II

The course is to strengthen the students’ hand on skills on integra- tion of the different skills into a programming project.  Students are expected to develop a running computer application bigger in size and more polished than in CSC 1208 Individual Project I. More empha- sis will be put on creativity, robustness, data validation, security and completeness.The aims of the course are:

Automata, Complexity and Computability

The course introduces students to the concept of automata and complexity.  It sets a background for more advanced studies like compiler construction and principles of programming languages.Aims:

  • To introduce students to the concepts of complexity, automata and computability
  • To prepare students for advanced studies in compiler construction and principle of programming languages


Logic Programming

This course introduces a paradigm where computation arises from proof search in a logic according to a fixed, predictable strategy. It thereby unifies logical specification and implementation in a way that is quite different from functional or imperative programming. This course pro- vides a thorough, modern introduction to logic programming. It intro- duces the basic concepts and techniques of logic programming followed by successive refinement towards more efficient implementations or ex- tensions to richer logical concepts.

Elements of Mathematics

This course is a continuation of Calculus I. In this course integration of a non-continuous function is tackled. Different coordinates systems and the procedure of moving from one to another are studied. Computations are made of various quantities like the equations of lines and planes, the length of an arc and the surface area of a body. Functions of different variables are introduced with easy computations of multiple integrals.     

Systems Analysis and Design

This course introduces established and evolving methodologies for the analysis and design of an information system.  Great emphasis’s placed on system characteristics, managing projects ,prototyping, CASE/OOM tools, systems development life cycle phases,theroleofthesystemsanalyst,systemsselection,definitionofsystems requirements, feasibilityanalysis,systemdesign,andsystemarchitecturearetopicsincluded.

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