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Introduction To Creative Writing

This course introduces the theoretical and practical essentials of effective and productive, imaginative self-expression in writing.While appreciating the commonsense position that writing is "learnt" only through writing, the course attempts to guide, motivate and encourage aspiring writers in the designing and production of quality writing  

Selected Author

This course makes an in depth study of a selected author.  The artist should be from a period and literary context of contemporary Art and / or Art which is for all times and generations.  The study may chart a path of the thematic concerns of the artist, the stylistic development and the general and specific contribution to the literary debate.  The students will have to do seminar presentations.  

Luganda Oral Literature

This course covers the types of Oral Literature, riddles: tongue twisters, proverbs,     puzzles, traditional songs etc.  Students also study the methods of collecting Oral Literature as well as its importance in the contemporary world.  

Translation Skills

The course seeks to equip learners with the basic translation skills in Kiswahili. Learners being at the beginners level, the course involves a simplification of various concepts in translation, the basic steps and principles in the translation process, the dos and don’ts during translation based on simple texts from and into Kiswahili.   

Kiswahili Speaking skillsII

This course is an extension and a natural complement to course KSB 1101. Accordingly, it consolidates what was learnt in KSB1101 and imparts further speaking competence through dialogues reflecting Kiswahili verbal behaviour on further practical topics such as: eating at home and in a restaurant; visits at the bank, the hospital, the post office, the petrol station, the garage, meeting strangers who ask for directions, talking about the weather, sports (e.g. football), giving and responding to invitations, etc.

Theories of Ethics

This course describes theories and principles of ethics.  The course concentrates on theories like; utilitarianism, rule based ethics, and virtue ethics. The course will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of these theories.   


Is a branch of philosophy devoted to Value/worth. The subject is an explanation of the principles of general theory of values. It is conceived as a philosophical discipline which reflects other philosophical and/or scientific disciplines theorizing on distinctive aspects of values, norms and valuation (ethics, esthetics, law, economics etc.).

Critical Thinking

This course explores the process of thinking critically and guides students in thinking more clearly, insightfully and effectively. It investigates issues about the nature and techniques of critical thought, viewed as a way to establish a reliable basis for our claims, beliefs, and attitudes about the world. We explore multiple perspectives, placing established facts, theories, and practices in tension with alternatives to see how things could be otherwise.

Philosophy of Gender

The course examines the views about the role of men and women in society as they have developed through history and as they stand today, especially in the African context.  It highlights the issues associated with these roles and the ensuing questions related to gender.  The course assesses the thoughtful contribution of men and women to gender issues, considering the questions involved like the meaning of being equal and of being different, of being disadvantaged and needing, perhaps, preferential treatment to compensate for such disadvantages.                                  


The course develops a comprehensive frame of reference to logic in order to help understand the need and the role of logic in the everyday discourse.  The application of logic to the African cultural context will be given special attention.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Course Objective:

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