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The Art Of Communication

This course is designed  to introduce the students to communication theories and practices. Furthermore, student will be introduced to practical communication skills. The course will be conducted through lectures, seminars and tutorial discussions. Each student registered for the course will be required to submit at least two written assignments, which will constitute the mark for progressive assessment. At the end of the course, students will take a three-hour written examination.  

Children's Literature

The course introduces student to the study of children's literature.  It provides an overview of the elements and scope of children's literature.  The course explores the issues and forms in the literature for children, focusing on sample texts for children.   

The Novel: Forms and Concepts

  • New Influences in fiction
  • The Prose of Thought
  • The Novel Today


The Syntax of Luganda

The course examines sentence structure and sentence types, sentence embedding      (relativisation, nominalisation and other processes of sentence construction)  

Luganda Stylistics

The course explores theory of genres, roles of language, style in literary creation       and non-literary creation in Luganda.  It also covers Mass media, advertisements,  notices, orders etc.   

Elements and Scope of Drama

This course is to introduce to the scholars aspects of what drama is and what is should be.  The study explores the traditional and conventional aspects which artist deem fit to be considered dramatic.  By considering some drama pieces, the scholars are encouraged to contribute to the field.  

Research Project

 Under the guidance of a member of staff, the student will prepare a paper on some topic relevant to one or more of the courses in the programme.  The paper is meant to introduce the student to the technical aspects of research and to help the student to present the results of such research in a scholarly manner.  

Ethics, Human Rights and Governance

 The course will introduce students to the concepts of human rights showing them how they relate to governance. It will show them how good policy positively affects economic development. It will show them how a democratic environment leads to a culture of observing human rights  

Implementing Human Rights

The course introduces students to the concepts of domestication and implementation of human rights. It exposes them to the agents and agencies in charge of human rights implementation. It discusses the role of the pillars of state in the implementation of human rights and more essentially the role of civil society in the task of implementation.   


The Art of Public Speaking develops a wide variety of communication skills from the ability to analyze an audience to the technique of voice projection. The student learns to prepare and deliver winning informative, persuasive, and entertaining speeches  


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