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This course introduces students to the application of social and humanistic research methods in journalism, media, and communication contexts. Students learn about: the history of research in journalism, media, and communication; key research paradigms; common research methods in journalism, media, and communication;  using  theory  to  guide  research;  and  current  debates  in journalism, media, and communication research.  


This course considers the range of laws, national and international, that affect journalists and the media.


The course is an introduction to the field of communication. Students learn about: the development of communication research; the communication process and functions; communication theories and models; the nature, uses, and effects of communication; the application of communication in a variety of professional and practical contexts such as public relations, corporate communications, public affairs, advertising, marketing communication, social marketing, and advocacy  

Contemporary African Philosophy

This course examines the various schools of thought and trends in African Philosophy today vis-a-vis the background of world philosophy.  It considers the source, foundation, method, meaning, character and application of philosophy in the African schools of thought today.  It analyses the influence of African thought on the present life and events in Africa and elsewhere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Contemporary Philosophy

The course introduces students to an organized vision of contemporary philosophical trends and helps them to understand the foundations of these systems of thought.  The study considers the background of contemporary philosophy derived from idealistic, materialistic, positivistic and evolutionistic philosophies and from problems induced by science and socio-political conditions, particularly those in Africa                                                                                                                                                                                   

Philosophy of Law

The course deals with the basic issues related to the nature and function of law in society. It deals with issues such as natural justice, the logic of legal reasoning, legal responsibility, legal rights, judicial procedure, law and morality as well as the sources of law.

Introduction to History of Philosophy

This course introduces the student to the great thinkers of the past, showing how they were influenced by their history and how they helped to fashion the later history of ideas.  The course orders the various systems of thought considered in other courses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Course Objective:


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