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Oral Skills in Luganda and Introduction to Standard Orthography

This course introduces students to listening skills, conversations, comprehension,      composition and the standard orthography of Luganda.  

Kiswahili Syntax

The course deals with principles that apply to the formation of Kiswahili sentences.  After introducing the basic syntactic meta-language involving basis concepts such as word class, sentence, clause, phrase construction, constituent structure, the course concentrates on how they are reflected in Kiswahili.   Selected topics in Kiswahili syntax will be discussed including Kiswahili word classes, Kiswahili nominal classes, Kiswahili sentence structure, sentence classification and representation, types and structures of Kiswahili phrases.

Kiswahili Translation and Interpretation

This course describes the theory and approaches to translation together with   a brief history and role of translation and its value to society. Characteristics of a good translation and a good translator are also considered. In addition, the course details steps in the translation process, the types of translation and introduces the learner to text analysis. It also focuses on the difference between literal and idiomatic translation and emphasizes the effects of culture to translation, as well as the challenges of translation.

Kiswahili Phonology

This course focuses on Kiswahili sound system. It involves an advanced study of the relationship between the spoken and written forms of Kiswahili. It also focuses on aspects of Kiswahili pronunciation such as stress, intonation, juncture, syllables and their syllable types and structure as well as phonological processes of assimilation, vowel harmony, palatalization and  

Kiswahili Oral Literature

This course provides knowledge in oral literature to students and it covers the following topics: theoretical background, oral artist as a marker and his/her place in society, oral performance, oral artist and the audience, stylistic oral literature and theatre, oral literature and musicology, different types of Kiswahili compositions and musical instruments, poetric Kiswahili as oral literature, malumbano, vijarabu, vitendawili and narrative oral literature.  

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