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The syntax of Runyakitara

This course is a study of sentence and grammatical categories, clauses and recent developments in syntactical analysis.  

East African Literature

The course is a study of thematic strands in East Africa Literature. It is intended to provide a platform for students to make literary appraisals of the socio-economic and cultural-ideological picture of East African Literature. The course attempts to cover the pre-colonial, colonial and the post-colonial periods of East African literary production, across the major genres. It also introduces students to the critical trends in East African Literature.  

Elementary Kiswahili Structure

This course introduces the student to basic aspects of Kiswahili structure: the Kiswahili sound system, word and sentence structure  

African Indigenous Ethical Systems

African indigenous ethical systems is a course that examines the different ethical theories, values in traditional African societies with the intention of identifying that that still impact on the ethical behavior of the Africans of today. It also examines the foundation and the implications of these values for practical application today.   

Critical Thinking

This course explores the process of thinking critically and guides students in thinking more clearly, insightfully and effectively. It investigates issues about the nature and techniques of critical thought, viewed as a way to establish a reliable basis for our claims, beliefs, and attitudes about the world. We explore multiple perspectives, placing established facts, theories, and practices in tension with alternatives to see how things could be otherwise.

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