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Engineering Mathematics IV

This course discusses basic theory of probability and statistics and its applications in engineering. Materials given include basic understanding of statistics, mathematics, population and sample, data presentation, methods of calculating mean, standard deviation, mean estimation, outliers tests, simulation and probability theory, models of distributions, statistical tests of distributions, mean and standard deviation, linear regression, coefficient of correlation, and computer application for statistical analysis.

Construction Economics

The course in geared at taking the student through estimating, economic resources, feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis; and supply and demand.

Project Management and Control

The course covers management principles, operations research, construction contracts, and planning, scheduling and controlling of constriction projects.

Environmental Studies

This course covers environmental considerations in planning, design and management of projects and health issues in a work environment.

Computer Applications in Engineering

The course covers relevant computer concepts, operating systems, software design and programming, and computer applications.

Advanced Mathematics

The course covers definition of statistical concepts, measures of location, measures of dispersion, presentation and summarization of data, probability distributions, sampling, tolerance and quality control.

Embedded Systems

Almost every electronic appliance and device today uses embedded systems. Cell phones, automobiles, to a sters, televisions, airplanes, medical equipment, and a host of other devices, products, and applications use embedded systems. Such systems include micro controllers, embedded programs, and real-time operating systems .   

Research Project

This course involves the execution of a project oriented toward providing experience in establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing, and evaluation;  development  of  student  creativity  through  the  solution  of  open-ended problems;  instruction  in design  methodology.

VLSI Systems Design

The design of the integrated circuits used to implement computers and associated hardware contains some core material. This core includes basic properties of materials, the structure of inverters, combinational and sequential logic structures, and memories and logic arrays. This is a  very  broad  area  and  it is  expected  that  there  will  be a  great  deal  of variation  between programs in the coverage of topics outside the core   

Embedded Systems

Almost  every  electronic  appliance  and  device  today  uses  embedded  systems.  Cell phones, automobiles, toasters, televisions, airplanes, medical equipment, and a host of other devices, products, and applications use embedded systems. Such systems include microcontrollers, embedded programs, and real-time operating systems   


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