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Research Methods and Statistics

This course considers research methods and statistical techniques necessary for conducting research.  Topics to be covered include various types of research, developing of research proposals, conducting literature reviews, designing of survey instruments, methods of data collection, and techniques for data analysis.  In respect of statistical techniques the topics to be covered include measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, statistical inference, probability distribution, parametric and non-parametric tests, regression and correlation analysis.    

Land Measurement Sciences

The objective of this course unit is to cover areas such as the definition of scales of measurement and measurement standards. The human eye as an optical instrument: analysis of random measurement errors, optical measurement systems, mechanical measurement systems, electronic measurement systems, acoustic measurement systems, and their respective settings and standards.    

Real Estate Finance & Taxation

Theory and system or real estate taxation, real estate investment, development, feasibility studie

Land Surveying for Construction

Basic principles of surveying, use and interpretation of survey maps and plans, scales, enlargement and reduction of plans, an appreciation of current land surveying practices, chain surveying-equipment, procedures, plotting, negotiating obstacles, measurement of existing structures and buildings, setting out for embankment, cuttings drains, leveling-equipment, procedures, reducing and plotting, theodolite and its uses – principles of electronics distance measurements, production of survey drawings and plans.  Introduction to remote sensing and aerial photography – basic principles and meth

Building Services (3,0,3)

Consideration of aspects of the building code, public health act and other statutory requirements in connection with water supply, sewage disposal and sanitary installation in buildings.  Water services – properties, sources, reservoirs, trunks mains, treatment and filtration, reticulation including township distribution, electrical installations, principles of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, single and three phase supply, earthing and sub-circuits, electrical installations to simple domestic house.  Principles of sewage disposal and treatment, cesspools, sep

Construction Drawing (3,0,3)

This course provides and introduction to the use of drawing instruments, basic architectural drafting skills, basic elements of architectural drawing, equipment and instruments used, method and purpose of use.  Graphic communication in architecture e.g.

Commercial Law for Construction

The structure of a company - formulation of a company, legal personality; construction of a company; memorandum of association and articles of association, company act, company administration the executive, the management, members, secretary, share capital and debentures.  The nature of arbitration act; reference to arbitration by consent and procedure in arbitration awards; experts’ evidence and proofs of evidence.     

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