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Lecture Room B1

Fine Arts
College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology

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4 PM
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9 AM
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QUS 1202
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 2
Year of Study: 
Year 1
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Undergraduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

This course provides and introduction to the use of drawing instruments, basic architectural drafting skills, basic elements of architectural drawing, equipment and instruments used, method and purpose of use.  Graphic communication in architecture e.g. bubble diagrams, schematics plans, sketches, presentation drawings, working drawings.  Consideration of solid geometry and scaled drawings in presentation of scale drawings – in orthographic projections, sections, elevations, isometric and axonometric projection.Construction of different scales and their use in practice.  Measured drawings; lettering of various types; conventional colouring and hatching to present different materials; principles of perspective drawings; model making in building design – types of models and scales used. Consideration of design process with an example of a small house – importance of various spaces linking and relationship between various spaces.The relationship and concepts of space and enclosures.  Workshops practice – exposure of students to practical work in carpentry, joinery, masonry, plumbing, decorations and metal work; studio exercises will be given in the development and design and production of working details of simple buildings.    

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Construction Drawing
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