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Cost Engineering

Consideration of clients/developer motivation and needs.  The theory of construction cost planning and cost control.  Design economics, elemental costs analysis of buildings; cost studies/cost comparisons.  Consideration of cost and price indices.  Techniques for cost planning and cost control, environment.  Consideration of current research being conducted on the practice of cost planning and cost control in South Africa.   

Geographical Information Systems

The objective of this course is to introduce students to geographical information systems (GIS). Definition, data input, output, exchange, models, and analysis functions. Database concepts, accuracy, and error management.Management of time, policy and surface analysis.    

Land Policy Studies

Considers nature of interest in land:  types of land ownership systems – freehold, communal, leasehold and others.  Land use policies.  Methods of accessing and allocating rural and urban land for various development programmes/projects:  housing, community utilities and facilities.  Types of land ownership documents, land conveyancing and implications for rural and urban development financing.  Urban slums and squatter systems:  origins, political economy; methods of intervention and their effects.  Land administration laws, regulations, institutions and linkages, stakeholders.

Professional Practice, Procedure and Ethics

This course examines the relationship between an owner and professional real estate manager.  It describes the rights duties inherent in the relationship and prepares the manager for the complicated ethical issues he confronts on a daily basis.  The knowledge and skills required by the professional in practice.  Explore current practical issues; including plan and policy development for real issues estate in respect of urban, rural and environmental, consultation, environmental education, mediation, resource consents and the role of the expert witness. 

Property Management

Provide students with an understanding of relevant management theory and techniques.  Acquire the basic knowledge and professional skills of particular relevance to real estate management, in both the private and public sectors.  Current issues in the property industry and the role of the different forms of property management in contemporary business organizations.  Case studies, to help introduce the core principles and techniques of management in the context of providing real estate related services to an organization.  An examination of real estate business management, including plannin

Real Estate Valuation IV

Introduction to agricultural and forestry valuation, dealing with methods of valuing agricultural properties – land and buildings, animals, crops, machinery, implements and tools, and water supply and irrigation systems; forestry and agro-forestry productions including merchantable crop ad immature woodlands; mineral lands including precious and non-precious deposits, mining structures, royalties and leases.  Valuation formats and reports. 

Urban and Regional Planning

The objective of this course is to introduce issues at the scale of urban and rural planning.  This is in order for the student to appreciate the constraining factors in the design of building in the context of urban design.  Introduction to historical development or urban centres in time, pattern of urban development in Africa with special reference to East African region.Urbanization and the structure of cities components, centre city, CBD industries, recreational areas, residential neighbourhood.  The position of these components within urban fabric and their inter-relationship with spat

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