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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 2 Years

About this Program

Master of Science in Information Technology program offers an in-depth exploration of the ever-growing challenges enterprises face and the critical information technologies used to manage those challenges. Its goal is to help you acquire the technical and strategic leadership skills needed to design, build, integrate and manage information technology systems and programs, and consistently tune IT strategies and offerings in alignment with the enterprise’s business goals and processes. The core courses provide a foundation in strategic management, project management, network infrastructure management, enterprise system architecture, systems security management and enterprise data management technology.
A candidate must be holder of either a postgraduate diploma in computer science or information technology or related fields from recognised university or institution. OR;
A Bachelor's degree in information technology or computer science or any other degree with evidence of having taken acceptable courses in either information technology or computer science.


Year 1
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Contemporary Issues in Information Technology MIT 7115 3 Graduate Level
Year 2
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Web based Information Systems and Web Mining Technology MIT 8118 3 Graduate Level
XML and Web Services MIT 8117 3 Graduate Level
Corporate Network Management MIT 8115 3 Graduate Level
Online Information Services MIT 8104 3 Graduate Level
Computer Security MIT 8110 3 Graduate Level samba porno porno gratis x