Master Of Veterinary Pathology

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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 2 Years

About this Program

To provide opportunity for advanced training in the field of Veterinary Pathology and disease diagnosis.
2. To provide opportunity for advanced training for personnel from various universities, government institutions and other private organizations to help meet their demands for skilled manpower.
3. To offer training to candidates and equip them with the necessary knowledge and research skills to enable them identify and carry out the necessary researches into the various diseases and other related problems affecting livestock in the country.
Applicants must be holders of a Bachelor of veterinary medicine degree(BVM) of Makerere university or holders of an equivalent qualification. The applicant should have got grade B in veterinary pathology( general or special/systematic).
Applicants who did not obtain grade B can only be considered if they have shown some academic growth or have acquired useful field experience since graduation. samba porno porno gratis x