Post Graduate Diploma in Meteorology

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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 1 Year

About this Program

The main objective is to create National capacity for the provision of professional Meteorologists and Atmospheric scientists to staff Meteorological Institutions as well as other many other sectors like Agriculture, Water Development,  Environment, Tourism, etc. where meteorological expertise is needed.Secondary objectives include the strengthening of the National research capability in fields of applied Meteorology as well as atmospheric sciences so as to adequately handle Ugandan issues of climatic variability/change, climatic impacts, Agricultural Meteorology, Hydrometeorology, and short, medium to long range forecasting.Applicants must posses a good Bachelor of science or Bachelor of arts degree and should have under taken one of the following options at undergraduate level:

  • Mathematics and Physics(3.2.2)
  • Mathematics with Physics taken in first year(3.1.1)
  • Mathematics and Chemistry with Physics taken in first year(3.2.2 and 3.1.1)
  • Mathematics and Geoography at degree leve with Physics taken at A level or its equivlent OR..
  • Geography at degree level with principal level passes in Mathematics and Physics.


Year 1
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Numerical Weather Prediction GMR 6202 3 Undergraduate Level
Climate Change and Socio-Economic Implications GMR 6205 3 Undergraduate Level
Synoptic Meteorology GMR 6201 3 Graduate Level samba porno porno gratis x