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Fine Arts
College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology


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12 PM
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5 PM
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12 PM
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5 PM
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ARC 1201
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Semester 2
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Year 1
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Undergraduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

Design Portfolio is the main course for the discipline of architecture. This course enables the student toacquire the relevant tools and skills of architectural representation of ideas at the basic levelStudent s will be concerned with the apprehension of space and form, of the specific expressive meansalong with the means of representation in architectural design. These targets are reached by impartingstudents with the basics of three-dimensional thinking through "compositional exercises", aiming at theawareness and manipulation of plan, volume, space, rhythm, grid, colour, etc.Objectives/aim:• To develop skills of free-hand drawing• Produce and create unique works of three dimensional forms by employing a variety of architecturalskills, design tools and materials.• Define perception and should have acquired an awareness and understanding of the visual• Utilize the vocabulary of three dimensional designs      

Learning Outcomes: 

 On completing this course the student should be able to: • Work, think creatively, logically in order to Generate design ideas for both indoor andoutdoor lived environments.• Critically and effectively analyze, synthesize, apply and evaluate design ideas that respond tocontemporary social and cultural requirements.• Sensitivity to dimensions of form perceived as design and interpreted in terms of scale• To represent and express perceptions using the right means media of representation• To reason and analyze the different disciplines and scales of design from a multi andinterdisciplinary point of view with a critical and comparative position.• To construct and use a theoretical background of reference to reason towards design• Acquire skills in oral and graphic presentation-Speak and listen effectively, communicatethrough visual representations    

Design Portfolio II
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