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History of Architecture I

The course introduces the student the vernacular architecture of Africa, the Near East and South/Centraland Far East, which is an integral part in understanding the evolution of architecture in the developingworld.   

Environmental Building Science I

Architecture is about designing with nature. The course is an important introduction of the understanding of the dependence of architecture on nature, and how an architect can work with nature to achieve anenvironment conducive to live in.   

Theory and Design of Structures for Architects I

Theory and Design of Structures for Architects I introduces the student to simple structural problem solving techniques used on buildings.   

Architectural Design Fundamentals II

Architectural Design Fundamentals II introduces the student to basic drafting techniques and use ofdrafting instruments of the architectural profession. These form the language of graphical expression ofdesign ideas.Objectives/aim:• To acquaint the student with drafting instruments• To introduce the student to basic drafting techniques• To train the student in skills of visual observation• To introduce the student to model making skills   

Design Portfolio II

Design Portfolio is the main course for the discipline of architecture. This course enables the student toacquire the relevant tools and skills of architectural representation of ideas at the basic levelStudent s will be concerned with the apprehension of space and form, of the specific expressive meansalong with the means of representation in architectural design.

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