Landscape Planning and Design

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Lecture Room 3025

College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology


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4 PM: 
5 PM
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7 PM
Course Code: 
UPD 7204
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 2
Year of Study: 
Year 1
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Graduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

This course revolves around man and his environment with emphasis on the design of the outdoor environment. It is divided into three parts. The first part introduces Man-Environment relationship and its related problems. It then gives a historical account regarding Man's attempts to alter the environment - especially the landscape - to suit his aesthetically and functional needs (physical and spiritual). The following two parts focus on the approaches and techniques in landscape planning and design. In landscape planning (regional level) problems of classification, assessment and evaluation of the landscape are introduced. Various approaches from Ian McHarg's ecological approach to the latest and most sophisticated statistical approach are also taught. Examples of applied landscape planning focusing on conservation and recreation are described. In landscape design, design theories and principles are combined in the designed landscape elements which take into both the social and environmental parameters. The choice of landscape materials, principles of planting design and site planning are also covered   

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of the course students should be able to appreciate the need for landscape planning and design especially when considering the issues of urban design and related physical development and detailed plans.   

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