Master of Science In Urban Planning and Design

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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 2 Years

About this Program

Objectives of the programme

  • To enable students from architecture and design disciplines to develop skills and employ their knowledge in developingcomplex socially, environmentally and economically sustainable urban and spatial planning strategies.
  • To use design thinking as a critical, interrogative process through which to explore the broader parameters of the researchwithin a particular situation or environment.
  • To conceptualize, define, and analyze design problems and opportunities at the urban scale.
  • To analyze and evaluate the performance of design projects and policies.
  • To understand the processes which generate urban form.
  • To synthesize and manage strategies for implementation in urban planning and design involving public and privatedevelopment actions.


  1. Applicants must fulfill the general Makerere University entry requirements for a Masters degree, and in addition the candidate must be a holder of either:
  2. A post graduate diploma in Urban Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture or its equivalent fron a recognised university/institutuin; OR a Bachelors degree in Urban/ Regional/Physical/Town and  Country Planning, Architecture, Land Scape Design, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Surveying, or its equivalen fron a recognised University/Institution.
  3. Students who have obtained first and second class degreed should be free to join after completion.


Year 1
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Planning and Design Fundamentals UPD 7102 3 Graduate Level
Theory and Methods of Urban Design UPD 7103 3 Graduate Level
Computer Applications for Planning and Design UPD 7104 3 Graduate Level
Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems UPD 7105 3 Graduate Level
Planning Theory and Practice UPD 7101 3 Graduate Level
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Research Methodology and Scientific Writing UPD 7201 3 Graduate Level
Neighbourhood Planning and Design UPD 7202 3 Graduate Level
Action and Strategic Planning UPD 7203 3 Graduate Level
Landscape Planning and Design UPD 7204 3 Graduate Level
Sustainable Zoning and Land Use Regulation UPD 7205 3 Graduate Level
Year 2
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Seminar Series UPD 8202 3 Graduate Level
Masters Project in Urban Planning and Design UPD 8201 3 Graduate Level
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Seminar Series UPD 8102 3 Graduate Level
Masters Dissertation UPD 8101 3 Graduate Level
Planning and Sustainability UPD 8110 3 Graduate Level
Advanced GIS Application for Urban Designers UPD 8109 3 Graduate Level
Concepts and Techniques of Urban and Regional Planning UPD 8108 3 Graduate Level
Urban Systems Modelling and Design UPD 8107 3 Graduate Level
Planning for Disasters, Recovery and Resilience UPD 8106 3 Graduate Level
Planning Practice and Management UPD 8105 3 Graduate Level
Urban Regeneration (Studio) UPD 8104 3 Graduate Level
Planning and Design Quality UPD 8103 3 Graduate Level samba porno porno gratis x