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Semester 2
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Year 1
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Undergraduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

    Fluid  Dynamic:

  •  Fluid  properties  
  •   Similarity  of  fluid  flows


  • Gas mixture definitions 
  • First and second laws of thermodynamics
Learning Outcomes: 
  •   Fluid  Dynamic:   Fluid  properties  -   Similarity  of  fluid  flows  - Conservation  equations  - Conservation of mass - momentum Newton Secondlaw - Energy conservation of Mechanical Energy (Bernoulli Equation).  Application:  flow through pipes:  laminar and turbulent - pipes connected in series or in parallel - branching of pipes - Measuring Devices - Mathematical models - body fluid and their function - haemodynamic models - A report writing.
  •   Thermodynamics: Gas mixture definitions - First and second laws of thermodynamics-Carnot cycle, Maxwell's relations-Gibbs-Helmholtz equation-Free energy of reactions, activity coefficients, equilibrium, refrigerations, steam.
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