Pesticide Chemistry

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Course Code: 
CHM 3237
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 2
Year of Study: 
Year 3
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Undergraduate Level
Course Description & Objectives: 

This course discusses the naturally occurring plant insecticides. Emphasis is put on the safe or environment friendly compounds with respect to their structure, mode of insecticidal action, and current use. Chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides, phosphorus-containing, and carbamate insecticides. Novel methods of insect control. 

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of the course students should be able:

  • Identify and differentiate insecticides that are less dangerous to man and his environment.
  • Synthesize environmentally-friendly insecticides that are similar to those that are produced naturally by plants.
  • Identify and promote other aspects of insect control mechanisms other than insecticide usage.
  • Formulate policy for insecticide usage.
pesticides chemistry
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