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Municiple and Farm OrganicWaste and Management

Introduction: Waste as a concept & importance of definition. Genesis of wastes: Industry-Agriculture system, Population boom vis-à-vis waste production. Classification of wastes: (i) State (solid, liquid, gaseous), (ii) Source (industrial, agricultural, medical, household, abattoirs), (iii) composition, Type (organic vs inorganic), degradability (degradable/non-degradable), hazard potential. Goals of waste management: source reduction, recycling, reuse, treatment, safe disposal.

Soil Microbiology

Soil microbial population dynamics. Effect of environmental factors on microbial activity of soil organic matter. Decomposition processes role of organic matter in maintaining soil productivity harmful and beneficial organisms to plants.

Soil Fertility Management

Introduction: Definitions and essential soil fertility terminologies; SI units; Relationships between soil fertility and productivity; plant nutrients and their functions; Factors fundamental to nutrient availability; Translation of soil and plant analytical results into field applications and farmer recommendations; Computation of top soil  mass per hectare and its use in field soil fertility recommendations; Cation and anion phenomena and their importance in nutrient and exchange; Uganda’s soil clay mineralogy and effect on nutrient availability and management;

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