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Students undertaking this course will be introduced to concepts and practices of macroeconomic analysis beyond the introductory level.  These concepts include price and wage determination and supply-side and demand-side determinants of national output.


Relevance of quantitative methods to the study of economics.  Functional and graphical representation of economic relationships.  Differential, total and partial differentiation as applied to demand theory and the theory of the firm.  Determinants and matrices for solution of simple economic models.  Probability distribution, sampling theory, hypotheses testing, regression and correlation of economic variables, analysis of variance and co-variance.  Elements of matrix algebra; simple linear regression model.


Background to the course and stage setting in relation to changing circumstance related to resource use. Analysis of Production with one variable input. Production with more than one factor of production. Understanding Costs and underlying relations. Industry’s supply and factor demand.

Environment and Tourism

 Course provides knowledge of the different components of the environment and how human beings interact with it. Students understanding this interaction is vital since tourism in Africa and East Africa in particular is mainly nature based.Course Objectives:

  • Differentiate between physical and human environment
  • Explain the land forming processes responsible for the present physical environment
  • Acquire knowledge about animal, plant interaction
  • Relate the physical and human environment to tourism development



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