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FST A103

Soil Mechanic

The course enlightens and introduces undergraduate students to the fundamentals of geological formations and their importance towards understanding Soil mechanics. It also explores physical and chemical properties of soils, concepts of stress, consolidation, deformation and settlement, seepage and groundwater flow, shear strengths and its influence on slope stability and finally the application of these concepts on practical engineering works.


Sources of farm power and their characteristics. Definition of agricultural mechanization and its importance in agricultural production. Internal combustion engine: systems of fuel, ignition, lubrication, cooling. Speed governing and power transmission. Tractor hydraulic systems and controls, weight transfer and mechanics of tractor chassis. Care and maintenance trouble-shooting for diesel and petrol engines. Environmental considerations during power units operations.


Concept of quality in the food industry; Quality assurance; Quality control; Quality characteristics of food; Quality changes in food affecting quality; specifications & quality defects; quality management concepts & systems; quality costs and statistical quality control; Food legislation, quality benchmarking; interactions of man, materials and systems in quality assurance.


Climatology and Climatological data, instrumentation and analysis.  Probability concepts in hydrological forecasting; rainfall frequency, and drought. Modelling 


Sampling and sample preparation.  Routine and reference methods for analysis of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, acid and water content, water activity.  Application of instrumental analytical methods and procedures: spectroscopy, chromatography, electrophoresis and microscopy in food analysis.  Determination of physical properties of foods.  Rheological and viscosity measurements.  Detection of food adulteration and presence of toxic substances.

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